Getting the Herd Moving

Techniques for Improving Sales

It's Not Unusual . . .

We hear regularly from sales heads about their concerns for changing from an unscripted sales approach to a prescriptive one.  What they are really saying is they are not sure they can get their existing bag carriers to play along.  They are talking to us, because on one hand they want to scale the business, but on the other hand, they are reluctant to implement changes to help them scale.  Ultimately, they are concerned that their own ineffective change management may prevent them from being successful and that they could lose their most productive sales reps.  

What You Might Have to Do

Often, it is not enough to simply preach to the bag carriers in place that they will make more money with a more prescriptive approach, as sales reps are notoriously change resistant (which is ironic, since they are asking their prospective customers to change every single day).  In this context, you might choose to incrementally bring on new resources that are compliant with the new method (e.g. "Sales Engine") and allow everyone else to just watch.  Alternatively, the executive leadership could serve as "benevolent dictators" in order to effect immediate and effective change.  Operating with an effective sales methodology needs to be a "condition of employment" for the sales team if compliance (and success) is to follow.

What You Likely Will See

It is amazing what improved earnings can do to change people's minds and their willingness to try something different.  In our own history, we followed the incremental path described above.  When those incremental hires started making more sales (and, consequently, more money) than the legacy bag carriers (due to the prescriptive approach), there was a stampede to the new religion.  Ultimately, the legacy sales reps' desire to succeed outweighed their resistance to change.

This Problem is Solvable
In the end, sales reps want to succeed and when they success happening around them, they want to emulate whatever is contributing to being more successful than them.  If you would like us to help you get what you deserve for your company's enterprise software offering, please contact us at or

Dave Levitt

Dave Levitt brings a wealth of experience with more than 40 years in the enterprise software space. Having served as Sr. Vice President, Worldwide Sales, at LiquidFrameworks, Dave played a crucial role in scaling their "quote to cash" platform, leading to its acquisition first by Luminate and then by ServiceMax. His strategic prowess was further proven as he created and spearheaded the Energy Business Unit at Salesforce, growing it from inception to $100 million in total contract value. His extensive background also includes sales roles at SAP, Siebel Systems, Oracle | Datalogix, and as a board member for several tech innovators.